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What the Haps is.

Okay, so my scanner is fixed. But as you may know, I am applying to a new school for this autumn and am putting a portfolio together. But the comic is not dead. It's just not my #1 priority at the moment. Never fear~

Broken scanner

Comic delayed until I buy a new one.

uh oh

for some reason, Webcomicsnation is being reported as an attack site. and now I'm ticked.

page 32

Now live!

I am a big lame-o!

I made a soundtrack.
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digital documentation.

Okay, here is the digital documentation for time based media. Hello Doug! and any of my classmates who stumbled into this dark hall. And also, hello, all 4 of my confused readers. Don't worry. Just go to sleep.

The digital documentation is behind the cut.

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An update?!

what is this crazy bullshit?!

so yeah, I do a comic

I remembered to do a comic yay